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This article describes planned features and improvements in Nexus Personal Desktop Client.

Latest release

For news and release notes, see Personal Desktop Client news.

In progress


Coming features



Crypto Token Kit Module support in MacOS

Support for Crypto Token Kit module on MacOS for realisation of Apple native client email encryption and document signing.

In progress

Plugout through 3rd party PKSC#11

Enables integration of Personal Desktop Client Plugout towards 3rd party PKSC#11 implementations

In progress

Cosmo 8.1 card support

Implement support for Oberthur Cosmo 8.1 card

In progress

Citrix support

Re-introduction of Citrix support for Personal Desktop Client.

In progress

Mini-driver challenge unblock

Implement support for challenge-unblock in Nexus minidriver.


PIN Caching

Implement support for global PIN caching


Certificate reminder

Provide certificate expiry reminder notified to end-users of Personal Desktop Client


Nexus reserves the right to change the roadmap due to recent requests. 


If you want to know more about our roadmaps and plans for the future, do not hesitate to contact us