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Nexus Personal Desktop is a smart card middleware integrating smart cards and security tokens and provides your users with intuitive two-factor authentication (2FA), digital signing, email encryption etc.

Personal Desktop uses the public key infrastructure (PKI) security method. The PKI-based eID needed for authentication and digital signing is stored either as a software token on the user’s computer, or on a smart card or some other hardware token. If a smart card is used, a card reader is connected to the user’s computer. To authenticate or sign, the user types a PIN into the user interface, which pops up automatically.

Use cases include enabling user-friendly 2FA for desktop applications, domain login, and remote desktop and VPN access. The solution is also well-suited for secure and cost-effective identification of users of online banks, e-commerce sites or e-services in the public sector. The signing functionality can be used for transactions such as online shopping, loan applications, contract signing and tax declarations.

The client software is installed on the users’ computers, and their eIDs and PINs are managed by the administrator through a web portal. It is easy to configure Hybrid Access Gateway out-of-the-box to require Personal Desktop for 2FA. If Personal Desktop is to be used with your online services, you integrate the included message server in your online service solution. The client software works with all web browsers, and does not require plug-ins.

Personal Desktop can be used together with Nexus Hybrid Access Gateway, which enables users to authenticate themselves and get remote access to digital resources. Since Hybrid Access Gateway supports identity federation and single sign-on (SSO), the user only has to log on once with Personal Desktop to reach all exposed resources. Personal Desktop is also very well suited for secure mobile eID activation in the Nexus Personal Mobile app.

For more information, see Set up Personal authentication

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