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Nexus Personal Mobile combines online two-factor authentication (2FA) using push notifications and offline one-time password (OTP) authentication in a single mobile app. This article includes some questions and answers for the Personal Mobile end-user as well as some common uses.

The Personal Mobile user should have control over who is using the mobile phone or tablet and select a hard-to-guess pin code for Personal Mobile that is not revealed to others. Personal Mobile is a personal identity document and should be treated as such.

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Questions and answers for end users of Personal Mobile

 Can I have Personal Mobile credentials on several mobile phones or tablets?

Personal Mobile credentials are linked to the Personal Mobile app in the mobile phone or tablet. If you have several mobile phones or tablets, Personal Mobile credentials can be attached to each unit.

 Can I have several different Personal Mobile profiles on one device?

Yes, you can create several Personal Mobile profiles on the same mobile device. See this example where the first profile is used for OTP authentication and the second profile for online authentication:

Store multiple profiles in Personal Mobile

 When users share a device, can they all use it to authenticate with Personal Mobile?

Yes, several users can use the same device to authenticate. Each user has his or her own profile, with different pin codes and services connected.

 What happens if I lose the pin code?

For security reasons, the pin code is not stored anywhere, so there is no way to get it back. Instead you must reactivate the Personal Mobile profile for the connected services.

 What happens if my phone is stolen?

The existing Personal Mobile credentials must be revoked. The service provider needs to offer a revocation service that you can contact to revoke the profile. When you have a new phone, download Personal Mobile to the new phone and reactivate the profile for the needed services.

 What happens if I buy a new phone – can the credentials be moved to the new phone?

For security reasons, it is not possible to move credentials to another device. Download Personal Mobile to the new phone and reactivate the profile for the connected  services.

Set up one-time password (OTP) as authentication method

You can set up one-time password (OTP) from Personal Mobile as the authentication method, read more here:

Log in to Office 365 with Personal Mobile

You can log in to Office 365 with Personal Mobile, read more here: