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This article describes how to use the mobile app Nexus Personal Mobile for online two-factor authentication (2FA) using push notifications. With online authentication, access requests are sent via out-of-band notifications to an associated mobile device that a user then approves or denies. 

Personal Mobile can also be used for offline one-time password (OTP) authentication.

This article is valid from Personal Mobile 4.0.

Verify the image

  1. Click Accept to verify that the random
    picture shown in the mobile app is the
    same as in the target application.

Enter your PIN

2. Verify by pressing the smartphone’s
fingerprint reader, using iPhone Face ID
or typing in a PIN. 

Authentication successful

3. The authentication was successful and
Personal Mobile is ready to be used.

For the online authentication mode, either raw keys or certificates can be used.

Manage mobile identities with Smart ID

Mobile identities can easily be managed as a part of the Smart ID module Digital ID. See the use cases here: Mobile ID management.

More information and use cases