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Nexus Smart ID Physical ID is a solution used for centralized identity and credential management. The module includes best practices use cases to personalize, issue and manage cards with visual ID and RFID during the full lifecycle. The solution ensures transparency and traceability in enabling qualitative permanent or temporary corporate ID cards for employees and consultants. The solution consists of administration tools, self-service, and delegated approval routines.


Physical ID

Use cases
Identity management

Card management

Visual ID personalization

RFID encoding

Setup of one production system and one non-production system for test, training, and support. Each system contains the following software.

Installation and configuration of the Nexus Smart ID manager (PRIME) including:

  • PRIME Designer
  • PRIME Explorer
  • PRIME Self-Service

Nexus PRIME Card Production client via Nexus Card SDK

Integration with one AD or HR system through standard PRIME connectors

Integration with one PACS system via Basic PACS connector.

For a description of the connector types and supported PACS systems, see PRIME requirements and interoperability.

For more information, see Physical ID specification