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Physical access - How it works

Nexus Smart ID Physical access is a solution that enables you to consolidate entitlements from several different physical access control systems (PACS). The solution provides a unified, vendor-independent view of your different PACS and enables administrators to manage all user groups and their credentials centrally, in one system. The solution covers everything in your PACS, from the service centers where you issue access cards to employees or visitor, to your access control points. 


Physical access

Use cases
Identity management

Card management

Physical access entitlement

Access group management

Access rule management

Setup of one production system and one non-production system for test, training, and support. Each system contains the following software.

Installation and configuration of the Smart ID Identity Manager including:

Installation and configuration of the Smart ID Physical Access component

Identity provider functionality of the Smart ID Digital Access component.

Integration with one AD or HR system through standard Identity Manager connectors

Integration with one PACS system. 

For more information on supported PACS systems, see Identity Manager requirements and interoperability.

For an overview of the complete Smart ID Workforce offering, see Smart ID Workforce modules