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For technical documentation, roadmaps, product sheets, descriptions, tutorials, videos, and other information on Nexus' software and hardware products, visit these pages:

Nexus Card SDK

Nexus Card SDK is a set of software development tools that offers functionality for designing, printing and encoding access cards, smart cards and ID badges.

Nexus Certificate Manager

Nexus Certificate Manager (CM) is a flexible and scalable certificate authority (CA) software portfolio, including OCSP responder (Online Certificate Status Protocol) and a wide range of enrollment protocols, which enables you to issue and manage electronic identities (eIDs) for people, infrastructure, and things.

Nexus OCSP Responder

Nexus OCSP Responder is a responder for the Internet Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP). The OCSP protocol allows a client to query a responder for the status of one or more certificates and get up to date information on their revocation status. PKI implementations can use the OCSP protocol instead of, or as a complement to, Certificate Revocation Lists (CRLs).

Nexus Hybrid Access Gateway

Nexus Hybrid Access Gateway is a software-based authentication and federation product used to enable secure access to digital services – no matter where those services or users are located.

Nexus Personal

Nexus Personal includes server and client software for authentication and signing in web applications, cloud services, and desktop smart card environments.

The following components are included: Nexus Personal Desktop App, Nexus Personal Desktop Client, Nexus Personal Mobile, Nexus Personal Mobile SDK, and Nexus Personal Messaging that includes Hermod and Nexus Push Service


Nexus PRIME is a product used for centralized identity and credential management. PRIME enables a consistent credential management process to ensure transparency and traceability in enabling identities for employees, student, and systems.

Nexus Service Station

Nexus Service Station is a self service kiosk used for registration of user information, photo capturing, signature capturing, encoding and printing of smart cards.

Third party products

Nexus offers third party products, such as card printers and hardware security modules (HSMs).

Nexus GO webshop

In Nexus GO webshop you can order everything you need to produce your own access cards, login cards and key fobs, such as plastic card printers, key fob encoders and identity carriers. You can also buy the card reader Cidron, accessories to Cidron and request-to-exit buttons. We deliver to addresses in Europe.  

Nexus Documentation