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An employee or external person that has been deactivate can be reactivated again. Any related cards and certificates will remain locked. 

This article describes how to reactivate a person in Nexus GO PKI Cards.

Available to role

Registration officer


The person must be registered and inactive. 

Reactivate person 

  1. Log in to PKI Card Management service.
  2. Go to the SEARCH tab. 
  3. Search for the person: 
    1. In the drop-down box on the upper left, select Employee or External. Optionally, enter search criteria, for example Identity Status equals Inactive
    2. Click the Search button. The search results are shown in a table. 
    3. Select the person, or double-click to view the personal data.
  4. Under What do you what to do? on the upper right, click Reactivate Employee or Reactivate External
  5. Click Next to reactivate the employee. 
    The person is now Active. All related cards and certificates that the person might have had remain locked.