Nexus' software components have new names:

Nexus PRIME -> Smart ID Identity Manager
Nexus Certificate Manager -> Smart ID Certificate Manager
Nexus Hybrid Access Gateway -> Smart ID Digital Access component
Nexus Personal -> Smart ID clients

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Version: 6.0.7

Release Date: 2021-08-17


Smart ID Digital Access component 6.0.7 has been released today.

This version of Digital Access is included in the release of Smart ID 21.04.2.

Important note

Added Docker Swarm for Digital Access in 6.0.5 and the only way to upgrade to 6.0.5 or above is by following the upgrade documents mentioned under Upgrade Digital Access componentAlso after upgrading to 6.0.5 or above, the orchestrator and v-apps menu is removed from the virtual machine.

Also note that MS SQL Server 2008 is no longer supported after Digital Access 6.0.6.

Detailed feature list


Jira ticket noDescription

Ansible way of deployment for Digital Access

It is now possible to deploy a fresh instance of Digital Access using Ansible in RHEL 8 with Podman as the containerization tool. See here for more information: Deploy Digital Access on RHEL 8 using Ansible and Podman.

Corrected bugs

Jira ticket noDescription
DA-21In case of SAML, if the users login after a certain time period, they where redirected to the access point portal instead of to the SP resource. This har now been fixed.

Added connection timeout and read timeout for BankID and Freja eID.  The default values can be modified by setting the java properties:

  • Dcom.httpclient.connection.timeout=2000
  • Dcom.httpclient.readwrite.timeout=5000

Fixed Null pointer exception when doing SAML authentication with forceAuthn enabled.

DA-522Fixed Null pointer exception when user session does not exist.

Due to a thread crash, session cleanup activity gets interrupted in the policy service and eventually all the limit of concurrent session got exhausted. Fixed the null pointer exception in timer manager thread.

DA-535Sign message for SAML request is now getting passed to IDP when Digital Access acts as a proxy.
DA-598Fixed the null pointer exception when Hermod gives a callback to Digital Access for expired profile.
DA-466Added missing security headers in access point, admin, policy and distribution services. Added CSP header to be configurable.
DA-418Updated online help for SAML "Use latest used authentication method".


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