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Version: 3.10.1

Release Date: 2019-07-02


Nexus is proud to announce the availability of Nexus PRIME 3.10.1. 

Detailed feature list


JIRA ticket noDescription

Improved encrypted email functionality

It is now possible to use certificates with multiple SAN-RFC822 attributes to send encrypted mails.


Solved character limitation for certificate requests

Now all use cases can handle certificate requests with more than 2000 characters. 


Activiti Process Cleanup maintenance service

Thanks to an Automatic Cleanup task for BPMN history, finished processes can now be removed automatically from the database to improve performance and save disk space.

Corrected bugs

JIRA ticket noDescription
CRED-8245Improved error messages and error handling when configuring a messaging server.
CRED-8247Fixed error with predefined date filters in PRIME Self-Service.
CRED-8294Fixed issue with displaying status fields in object lists of PRIME Self-Service.
CRED-8319Fixed issues in DB update script.
CRED-8324Fixed issue with java 11 when executing DB update script.
CRED-8336Fixed issue in SAML authentication in PRIME Self-Service.
CRED-8337Fixed issue in LDAP Authenication with PRIME Self-Service.
CRED-8362Fixed issue when recovering multiple certificates with the same key pair on the same device.
PRSM-66Fixed card deactivation process in PACS when assigning non-personal cards.
PRSM-86Fixed issue when deactivating employee cards in the configuration package Digital ID.
PRSM-197Fixed issue in PIN reset process for virtual smart cards.
PRSM-204Fixed issue in Personal Mobile enrollment process via QR code.


For information on limitations, see Limitations for Identity Manager.


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