Nexus' software components have new names:

Nexus PRIME -> Smart ID Identity Manager
Nexus Certificate Manager -> Smart ID Certificate Manager
Nexus Hybrid Access Gateway -> Smart ID Digital Access component
Nexus Personal -> Smart ID clients

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Version: 3.10.14

Release Date: 2020-07-15

For information on how to upgrade from Smart ID Identity Manager (PRIME) 3.9 to 3.10, read this instruction: Upgrade from PRIME 3.9 to PRIME 3.10.

After the upgrade of PRIME, execute the database update scripts.

Corrected bugs

JIRA ticket noDescription

Small improvement in the PKI Encoding via Card SDK has been introduced: for the parameter "MDCardID" now not only simple 1:1 field mappings but complex expressions (e.g. ${Person_GID}-!{ICCSN.substring(0,8)}) can be used to build the MDCardID dynamically during encoding.


Fixed an issue in Batch Order: when opening an existing order, removing one item of the objects in the order list didn't work.


Security update:

Updated a couple of 3rd party libraries (e.g. UI Framework, JavaScript) to fix known vulnerabilities. Also a vulnerability in the PKI encoder (client-side java) was fixed, that allowed remote code execution via a certain command in JUEL Expression language.


For information on limitations, see Limitations for Identity Manager.


Contact Information

For information regarding support, training and other services in your area, please visit our website at


Nexus offers maintenance and support services for Smart ID Identity Manager (PRIME) to customers and partners. For more information, please refer to the Nexus Technical Support at, or contact your local sales representative.