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Version: 3.10.25

Release Date: 2021-02-11

This release notes contains all changes since 3.10.19. 


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Improved system performance for MS SQL environment 

The database field types in the tables ACL_CLASS and ACL_SID are changed from varchar to nvarchar. This improves the system performance on an MS SQL environment with a large database.


Improved system performance for MS SQL environment

Added a computed column when using MS SQL Server in the CoreObject Table to improve performance on an environment with a large database.


Added option to turn off validation of email signing certificates

When sending out signed emails from PRIME the system did validate the signing certificate by default before sending. This is not required in all customer cases, therefore the validation (against OCSP, CRL) can be turned off now.

Corrected bugs

JIRA ticket noDescription

Corrected usage of minidriver card handle for 64-bit systems for Cardos API. In certain environments it could happen that the mindriver card handle returned a different length as it was expected in the software. 


Improved error handling in PGP publication task: the error is now caught and handled properly if the provided serial number does not exist.


Changed log level from ERROR to WARN in case the system tries to revoke a certificate that is already revoked in the PKI.


Fixed a memory leak in handling of cached connection in the PKI connector to Certificate Manager.


Fixed a memory leak in the server-side mini driver implementation for Secure Key Injection with CardOS API.


See CRED-10399.


Corrected logging of errors in REST interfaces of Identity Manager. Previously, a number of HTTP 500 errors have not been reported correctly into the logfiles. This has been fixed.


Improved error handling of change state task when an invalid state transition is done. The error can now be handled in the BPMN process.


For information on limitations, see Limitations for Identity Manager.


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