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Version: 3.10.28

Release Date: 2021-09-20


JIRA ticket noDescription

Improved shutdown behavior of the java-based cardApp in the User Self Service Portal (USSP)

CardApp will be closed automatically after a certain time of inactivity to avoid issues with card recognition.

Corrected bugs

JIRA ticket noDescription

When using BoundaryEvents on process tasks, already changed data in the process map did not get persisted if the event occurred in some cases, and got rolled back to the previous value. This has been fixed now.


Improved error handling in BPMN History cleanup. When an error occurs, the cleanup job will no longer be interrupted but will continue with the rest of the cleanup now.


Improved performance when opening items in PRIME Designer/ Identity Manager Admin.


The "valid to" date for PGP keys was missing in the certificate table in PRIME. This is now fixed.


Storing of the PGP serial number in the PRIME/ IDM database is now fixed.


When doing concurrent Smart card production in multiple Identity Manager Operator clients, the system could run into an error due to concurrency. This is now fixed.


Solved a problem when setting the key usage container type for Secure Key Injection. In some cases "exchange" type was set instead of "signature" type. Now all container types are set according to the key usage in the certificate.


Secure Key Injection thumbprint logging on level INFO is now removed.


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