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Version: 3.12.9

Release Date: 2020-11-04

For information on how to upgrade from Smart ID Identity Manager 3.11 to 3.12, read this instruction: Upgrade from PRIME 3.11 to PRIME 3.12.

Detailed feature list

Corrected bugs


Translation of headlines in user forms did not work properly when logging in via SAML in PRIME Explorer. This is fixed now.


Hiding device encryption certificate (for internal communication purposes) for Smart ID Desktop App and Smart ID Mobile App is now supported.


Fixed a concurrency issue when executing Standard Service tasks for Hermod Messaging,

CRED-9812Setting a hidden or read-only date value as filter criterion in search configuration was not possible. This is fixed now.

Fixed an "Internal Server Error" issue (related to certain authentication profile configuration) when downloading configuration file from PRIME Designer.


Fixed an issue with downloading P12 Files in the self-service portal.


Order CoreObjects where not capable of handling coreObjectDescriptors in all cases: the referenced objects (via the "CoreObjects" data field) only provided CoreObject IDs. This has been fixed now.


Added missing FK index on CertificateBinaryDataMap table for Oracle DB. Missing index did lead to locking the table when deleting certificates.


Fixed inconsistency in CSV export (via Export Definition). Empty fields have been exported with quotes (""). This has been removed now to align with non-empty fields.


Improved error handling in the Core Objects: Drop Relation task: empty task parameters could result in a misleading error message.


Fixed an issue when signing and encrypting an email in PRIME. Signature is now also visible for the receiver if the email is encrypted.


Improved error handling for "extended error mode" in PKI card encoding. Certain exceptions (e.g. CAServiceException) where not handled correctly in the past.


For information on limitations, see Limitations for Identity Manager.


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