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Version: 1.3.6

Release Date: 2020-04-03


Nexus Personal Desktop App 1.3.6 has been released today.

Main new features

externalTags option

  • QuitAfter = X
    The QuitAfter flag can be added to the header field externalTags (optional field). It causes Personal Desktop App to quit after a delay of X milliseconds after a successfully performed operation.

Comma sign in CongratsMessage

  • If you use CongratsMessage=msg in the Provision command, it displays the given message (msg) instead of the default one at the end of successful provisioning. If you want to have a comma sign (,) in the message, escape it by using double backslash: \\,

Transport PIN from server to client

In the Provision command, each certificate signing request, csr, record you submit has a field called keystate. If you set this field to “PREACTIVATION”, then the key well be deleted after the import certificate message is concluded.

This key is only used for transporting the PIN from the server to the client and there is no need for the key afterwards.

It is supported for OS, VSC and TPM profiles.

Delete profile if an error occurs during import

A switch has been added that controls the behavior of Personal Desktop App if an error occurs during the import of p12s in certificate import. The profile is deleted and there is an error report.

Detailed feature list


Jira ticket numberDescription
PEX-634Add automation id to title texts
PEX-646Method added for p12 import through provisioning
PEX-654Added a feature: Delay for QuitAfter
PEX-662Corrected an issue for Windows 17**
PEX-663Corrected an issue with wrong version given in log
PEX-664Improved logic and logging for provision rollback
PEX-666deleteafter use for OS
PEX-668Fixed an issue with the profile icons
PEX-669Added switch for handing failure in import cert p12
PEX-670p12 import handling
PEX-671Return provider for given profilemetadata
PEX-673Delete certificate improvement
PEX-674Added timestamps in the Outside (P11) log
PEX-676Fixed a delete profile bug
PEX-677Erase proactivation csr from certstore


There is a limitation regarding older versions of Windows.

See Limitations for Smart ID Desktop App.


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