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Version: 1.13

Release date: 2023-07-04

Smart ID Desktop App 1.12 and later versions are not available for download on Microsoft Store. 

Detailed features list


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Smart ID Desktop App is now supported on Windows 11.


The "Grant permission to create VSC" toggle has been removed from the advanced settings of Smart ID Desktop App.


One-Time-Password (OTP) is now introduced as a new feature in Smart ID Desktop App. See Set up an OATH-compliant mobile/desktop app as authentication method for more information.


Accessibility improvements in terms of making progress bar messages available to external narrator software.


Smart ID Desktop App is now supported on Windows 2019 and Windows 2022.

Corrected bugs

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Solved an issue where Smart ID Desktop App sometimes crashed during the first run.


Solved an issue where Smart ID Desktop App could not be installed due to an unsigned PowerShell script which could not be executed.


There are no limitations for this release.

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