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Version: 5.5

Release Date: 2021-10-05


Smart ID Mobile App 5.5 for iOS has been released today. 

Main new feature

Mobile Middleware

Mobile Middleware generally implies the capability to read and use external tokens such as smartcards, passports, and hardware security tokens, from the mobile device.

With this release, Smart ID Mobile App for iOS can use the CardOS 5.3 DI smartcard - over the contactless interface (near-field communication, NFC) - as identity holder to perform the same device online authentication via Digital Access. A prerequisite for this is that the CardOS 5.3 DI smartcard is pre-personalized by Nexus, with the correct security profile to allow secure transport of user PIN to allow cryptographic operations on the smartcard.

The primary use case that this release addresses is the so called shared mobile device use case. An example of this scenario is where a mobile device is shared between many employees who require authentication to an online service, typically via a browser, or via an app tied to the organization. There are however some problems with this scenario:

  • Using username and password is both cumbersome and leaves security compromised.
  • Mobile identities (stored on the mobile device) are not the answer to the problem, as the identity of each employee must be replicated to every mobile device the employee will ever use.

The response to the problem is to combine the mobility of the Smart ID Mobile App, shared between many resources, with a personal physical contactless external smartcard, holding the security information of each employee.

In essence, whenever the employee needs to perform an authentication, the Smart ID Mobile App is triggered and lets the user enter their personal smartcard PIN code before finally tapping the contactless smartcard to the mobile device to execute the authentication.

Detailed feature list

Smart ID Mobile App 5.5 for iOS is based on Smart ID Mobile SDK 3.2.0.


Jira ticket noDescriptionOperating system

Mobile Middleware CardOS 5.3 DI

Support for NFC tokens (CardOS 5.3 DI tokens pre-personalized by Nexus) used for mobile middleware and shared devices.


Swift version 5.5

Smart ID Mobile App is built using Swift version 5.5 (XCode 13). 


Corrected bugs

Jira ticket noDescriptionOperating system

There was an issue when updating a profile and authenticating with Face ID, where the screen went blank for almost 4 seconds. This has now been fixed.


The SDK sends .rejectedResponse to the Smart ID Mobile app if Hermod replies with 403 (forbidden) on a reply.

PMOB-3240Made sure that local profiles were forcefully deleted if they were reported missing by the backend server. iOS


Contact Information

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Nexus offers maintenance and support services for Smart ID Mobile App to customers and partners. For more information, please refer to the Nexus Technical Support at, or contact your local sales representative.

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