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This article describes how to set up URLs to several Card SDK instances where cards can be printed. This is used in Smart ID Identity Manager.

The URLs to the Card SDK instances are set up in Identity Manager Admin and are used in Identity Manager Operator. One of them must be set up as default.

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Step-by-step instruction

  1. Log in to Identity Manager Admin as an admin user.

To add a printer:

  1. Go to Home > Printers.
  2. To add a printer, click +New. Enter details:
    1. Enter a unique Name.
    2. Enter the URL to the Card SDK that can be used for printing cards.
    3. Mark one of the printers as Default.
    4. Click Save+Edit.
  3. To edit an existing printer, double-click the name.

Next step:

Set up form in Identity Manager and Set up process in Identity Manager that shall use the configured printers.

This article is valid for Smart ID 20.11 and later.

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