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This article describes how to create a template for reports in PRIME Designer. The compilation, parametrization and outputting of reports are initiated in Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) processes. Templates in JasperReports format (.jrxml) are supported, see Use JasperReports in PRIME. The output format of the reports comprises TXT, PDF and HTML. For supported version of JasperReports, see PRIME requirements and interoperability.

Reports can also be used as export format for search results. For the search results a special format of the JasperReport template must be uploaded, that allows generic creation of the search result columns. An example, called GenericSearchReport.jrxml, is included in PRIME. It contains one field named value0 and one column header named colHeader0, which are used as a template to calculate the real outcome of the report. Those parameters should not be changed. Only style adaptions should be done in this Jasper Report  template.

Consult your system integrator or the software manufacturer so that they can create suitable report templates.

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The following prerequisites apply:

  • Installed PRIME
  • Available process to create reports
  • The report design tool JasperSoft Studio (the compatibility mode for the created report template must be set to version 6.5.x to match the JasperReports version)

Step-by-step instruction

 Log in to PRIME Designer
  1. Log in to the PRIME Designer as an admin user.
 Add or edit report template

To add or edit a report template:

  1. Go to Home > Reports.
  2. To add a report template, click +New. Enter details:
    1. Click Upload to localize a report definition.
    2. Enter a Name and optionally a Description.
    3. Click Save+Edit.
  3. To edit an existing report template, double-click the template name.
  4. Click Preview to preview the template.

No further information about the parameters of the report is required. The necessary parameters are defined in the report template, determined by a special report task in the runtime and entered in the report.