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To find out what Nexus Smart ID module covers your needs, this table illustrates what functionality is provided in which module. The modules can be used stand-alone or in combination. 


Identity management and Card management

Workflow engine and best-practice use cases
including approval steps

Visual ID personalization
Card management)

RFID encoding
(Card management)

Basic PACS integration
See PRIME requirements and interoperability.

PKI token management
(Card management)

Smart card management
(Card management)

Desktop client for smart card login

Mobile ID management

Advanced server certificate management

Physical access entitlement

Virtual PACS access profiles

Advanced PACS integration
See PRIME requirements and interoperability.

Physical access software module

Two-factor authentication and access platform

Standard authentication methods supported
See Authentication methods.

Nexus authenticators included:
invisible token, etc, see Authentication methods.

Nexus mobile app for authentication
(one-time password (OTP) and push key functionality)

Identity orchestration

Security gateway for digital resources

Reverse proxy

Single sign-on


Identity provider (IDP)

Service provider (SP)

Messaging server

User self-service to change or reset password

High availability

Access rules

Multipurpose certificate authority platform

Certificates for enterprise use
Smart cards, P#12, devices, servers, mobile app

Microsoft ADCS replacement (WinEP)

Basic server certificate management

OCSP responder, see CM architecture overview

Standard certificate enrollment protocols
SCEP, CMP, CMC, EST, see CM interfaces

Additional certificate enrollment protocol
EST-coaps, see CM interfaces

Certificates for IoT devices

Integration tools

Tenants for internal use