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The standalone predefined package in Nexus Service Station is used for user data registration, photo/signature capturing and are storing the data locally or on a network folder.
The access to the station can be protected with AD (LDAP) login or using an offline 10 character generated token that is sent out of band via for an example email. See Authentication methods in Service Station for more info. The standalone version can be integrated with the Nexus PRIME software.

For information about branding of this package, see Branding of the standalone package.

Start -->

Start view


Log in with your username and password.


Click Yes to accept the terms after you have read them.


A message is displayed if the terms are not accepted.


Enter data in the fields. Click Continue when done.


Enter data also in these fields. Click Continue when done.
There can be multiple screens for input of data.


Adjust the height of the camera.
Click Take photo when finished.


Select a photo and click Continue or click Take photo to
take another photo.


Write your signature on the writing pad. Click Continue when done
or click Redo to write it again.


Select the pickup location for your card and click Continue.


A message is displayed when you are finished.