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This article describes how to start a second instance of the Administrator's workbench (AWB). This can be done to be able to work in parallel with different Certificate Authority administration tasks in Nexus Certificate Manager (CM). 

To start a new instance of AWB:

  1. In AWB, right-click an object and select Open, or double-click on the object.
  2. In the new AWB window that opens, select View > Hide/show Explorer Bar, or click the Hide/show Explorer Bar button.
  3. Result:
    1. Each open instance is represented by a button in the task bar.
    2. Each instance is a running application that can be terminated without affecting the other instances.
    3. The button name will be Administrator's Workbench as long as no item has been selected in the explorer bar.
    4. When an item is selected, the button in the taskbar will change name to reflect the name of that item.
    5. When a task is initiated in AWB, for example, Create CA key, a dialog box is opened, which is represented by a button in the taskbar.
    6. You can also switch between active items using Alt+Tab.