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Most identity and security solutions from Swedish-owned Nexus Group are provided through a global network of highly qualified partners. Our partners provide first and second line support. If they cannot solve an issue, they pass the issue along to the Nexus support team. 



Changed Oracle Java support

As of January 2019, Oracle will end its public support for commercial users. This affects all customers with Java-based Nexus products. For more information, see Java support.


Contact support

If you are a customer of a Nexus partner, please contact the partner for support.

If you are a direct customer of Nexus, please contact our support team through one of the following channels:

Identity tools support

For local identity secure issuance with on premise printers, etc,
and third party product support:

If you want...

  • on Nexus ID06, please visit
  • with issues that are not related to support, see here for general contact information.
  • return incorrect or defective products, please complete the form here
Support Documentation

Support and maintenance description: 

Support process description: 

Product lifecycle policy: 

For Terms Support and Maintenance and general terms and conditions, see About Nexus - Terms and conditions