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This article include updates for Smart ID 22.10.Supported smart cards depend on the smart card middleware. Smart card middleware is not part of Identity Manager.

Identity Manager connects to a smart card via the PKCS#11 library provided by the middleware. For a list of supported cryptochips and smart cards, see the corresponding technical specification of the middleware.

CardOS 4.4 and CardOS 5.0 are Nexus' reference cards for testing. Other cards listed in the middleware specification also normally work, but must be tested individually for the specific requirement.

The following smart card middleware products are supported: 

Vendor or product 


Reference card 

Nexus Personal Desktop Client


CardOS 4.4 + 5.0

AET SafeSign


CardOS 4.4

Neowave Weneo

Atos CardOS API

5.4 (1)

CardOS 4.2C + 4.4 + 5.0 + 5.3

Charismathics CSSI


CardOS 4.4 + 5.0 TPM

Cryptovision cv act sc/interface


CardOS 5.3

Gemalto IDGo800 Pkcs#11 Library


IDPrime MD 830

Morpho Ypsid


Ypsid S3

Oberthur AWP


V 7.0.1

Safenet Authentication Client


IDPrime MD840 and MD940

T-Systems TCOS3 NetKey1.8.3.1 (2)TeleSec Signature Card V2.0, TeleSec IDKey 1.0
Deutsche Telekom TCOS NetKey1.12.4.0 (3)
TCOS 4.0 NetKey, TeleSec Signature Card V2.0, TeleSec IDKey 1.0

(1) 5.4W14 or later is required for certain features

(2) is the minimum compatible version. Nexus recommends or Deutsche Telekom TCOS NetKey,, or

(3) Requires Identity Manager 22.10 and above, supersedes T-Systems TCOS3 NetKey. Nexus recommends or