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This article describes the user groups available in Nexus Hybrid Access Gateway.

User groups are used to categorize users. This categorization controls what a user can access, or what actions users must perform to enable certain access rights. Click here for information on how to add a user group.

There are three types of user groups available in Hybrid Access Gateway:

  • Directory service groups
    Contains all users belonging to a certain user group defined in your company's directory service (for example, Microsoft's Active Directory). Use this type to integrate existing user groups (an example could be "Account Operators") from the directory service.
  • User location groups
    A user location group is defined by its location in the directory service structure. Use this type when users are stored in a location with structural significance. This means that the user group exists under a specified node in the directory service structure (the network).
  • User property groups
    Contains user accounts with specified properties (attributes). Use this type when users in the directory service have common properties that can be used for categorization, such as job function.

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