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Identities are managed in the AD or an HR system, and automatically imported into PRIME in a scheduled process. If the main identity source is an HR system, then the data import is done via CSV files. 

In the Smart ID package, there are two types of identities: employees and external persons. External persons are for example consultants and contractors. Both active and inactive persons are imported. Persons can be inactive when they are on temporary leave, for example. 


Use cases

titleUse case: Automatic import of identity data

For the batch synchronization to work, the Batch sync role must be used, by setting the following entry in the file of the prime explorer:

Code Block

Standard workflow

1PRIMEOn a configurable interval, PRIME imports identities of employees and external persons from the main data source.-
2PRIMEIf the person record is updated in the main data source, the corresponding updates are done in PRIME.-

BPMN process


Technical reference


Automatically triggered card workflows

When person data is new or updated, related workflows can be automatically triggered. Here is a typical example: 

titleUse case: A person is inactivated, automatically deactivate card

Standard workflow

1PRIMEIn the automatic data import: If the person has been inactivated in the main data source, runs the Deactivate person workflow including deactivation of cards. See Manage identities - manual use cases for more information.-

More workflows can be configured to be automatically triggered during the data import.