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The configuration created in PRIME Designer only This article describes how to transfer a configuration created in Identity Manager Admin (PRIME Designer) to Identity Manager main client (PRIME Explorer).

  • If you run separate database instances for PRIME Designer and PRIME Explorer you must follow these instructions. The configuration only takes effect in the runtime environment when it
is transferred from
  • has been transferred to PRIME Explorer.
  • If you run both PRIME Designer


  • and PRIME Explorer
. The entire configuration is transferred in a single .zip file as described in this article. 
  • on the same database instance, changes in the configuration take effect immediately in the runtime environment, and there is no need to transfer the configuration. In that case you can ignore these instructions.





Step-by-step instructions

In PRIME Designer

titleLog in to PRIME Designer as administrator
  1. Log in to PRIME Designer as an administrator.

titleDownload configuration from PRIME Designer
  1. Go to Configuration file > Download configuration.
    The details of the configuration are displayed.
  2. Click Download.

  3. In File Download select a Location and enter a File NameBy default, everything is downloaded into a single zip file, but you can exclude connection configurations or user data by unchecking the related check boxes. Runtime data, like persons, cards or certificates are not included in the export.
  4. Set additional export options:
    1. Uncheck Export objects with connection data to exclude data such as connection parameters, urls or passwords. By default these objects are:
      1. CA

      2. PACS

      3. AuthProfiles (LDAP)

      4. DataPools (LDAP, SCIM, CM, JDBC) 

      5. TransferConfig (LDAP, JDBC, SCIM)

    2. Uncheck Export internal user objects to exclude user data.

  5. Click Download.

  6. Depending on your browser, you can now select a location and file name for the configuration file, or it will be saved in Downloads on your computer. Click Save.

If PRIME Designer and PRIME Explorer are accessible from different client computers you have to find a secure way of transferring the configuration file.


You must ensure the integrity of the configuration while it is being transferred to another client computer, as it contains settings relating to operation and security. It is always recommended that you store a backup copy in a secure directory or storage medium. The current version of the product does not contain a history or log of configuration objects.

In PRIME Explorer

titleLog in to PRIME Explorer as administrator
  1. Log in to PRIME Explorer as an administrator.

titleStart Maintenance Mode
  1. Go to Administration > Maintenance Mode.
  2. Enter the text that will be displayed to all users, which are not administrators, when they try to login during Maintenance Mode.
  3. Click Start Maintenance. Now all user sessions are terminated, also your own one.
  4. Login Log in again an as an administrator.

titleUpload configuration to PRIME Explorer
  1. Go to Administration > Upload configuration.
  2. Click Select file, browse for the configuration .zip file, and click Open.
    The details of the configuration are displayed.
  3. Click Upload.


    The configuration changes take effect in the runtime system immediately, that is, without a restart.

titleStop Maintenance Mode
  1. Go to Administration > Maintenance Mode.
  2. Click Stop Maintenance.
  3. Log out.