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titleDetailed content

0:19   Introduction
1:27   Agenda
2:05   Digital Identity Management and combination of credentials
2:49   What is dual interface PKI cards
3:50   Why dual interface PKI cards
5:32   How can the communication over NFC be secured
6:52   Credential connectivity capabilities
8:44   Demo Authentication with NFC PKI card
11:26  What is a Mobile virtual smart card
13:00  Why Mobile Virtual Smart Cards (VSC) and how they work
16:20  Demo – Issue a mobile VSC
18:23  Demo – How does a Mobile VSC look
20:01  Demo - Pairing and connecting a Mobile VSC to a laptop
21:56  Demo - Windows login with Mobile VSC
22:42  Demo – Sign an email with Mobile VSC
23:55  Demo – Sign a PDF with a Mobile VSC
25:06  Demo – Sign a Word document with a Mobile VSC