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Nexus GO Discovery is a service based on the SAML Identity Provider Discovery specification. The service can be used in a SAML federation to let end users choose what Identity Provider (IdP) to use for login. A Service Provider (SP) that uses this service does not have to implement support for letting users choose authentication method. Nexus GO Discovery follows the specification for SAML IdP Discovery service from Oasis.

When you order Nexus GO Discovery, you get your own service web page that can be branded to fit your needs. Alternatively, you can connect to the service via an the Nexus GO Discovery API

How does it work?

Nexus GO Discovery service

Discovery step-by-step

  1. The user visits the service provider web application, clicks log in and is redirected to Nexus GO Discovery.
  2. Nexus GO Discovery presents all available authentication methods (identity providers) in a list. 
  3. The user selects a method and is redirected to the service provider. The service provider gets information of the choice of identity provider. 
  4. The service provider redirects the user to the identity provider of the selected authentication method.
  5. The user logs in with the requested method, and is redirected back to the service provider.
  6. The user is logged in. 

How do I order Nexus GO Discovery?

Contact us to order Nexus GO Discovery:

> Contact Nexus 

What specifications does the service follow? 

Oasis Identity Provider Discovery Service 

Nexus GO Discovery follows the Oasis specification for Identity Provider Discovery service: 


Anvisningstjänst (In Swedish)

Nexus GO Discovery fungerar som en Anvisningstjänst, som den beskrivs av Myndigheten för digital förvaltning (DIGG), tidigare E-legitimationsnämnden (ELN)