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This article describes which certificate enrollment protocols can be used with Smart ID Certificate Manager (CM). 


Third party devices, clients, servers, and software components with built-in support for standards-based certificate enrollment protocols can benefit from the corresponding server-side support in Certificate Manager.

These are the supported standard-based protocols:

  • ACME - Automatic Certificate Management Environment, RFC 8555
  • CMP- Certificate Management Protocol, RFC 4210, RFC 4211
  • CMC- Certificate Management over CMS, RFC 5273
  • EST– Enrollment over Secure Transport, RFC 7030
  • EST-coaps– EST over secure CoAP, IETF draft (draft-ietf-ace-coap-est)
  • SCEP- Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol, draft-nourse-scep-23
  • WinEP- Windows certificate auto enrollment using Windows certificate templates

In addition to the standards-based protocols, listed above, CM provides protocols that offers additional features for customized clients, web front-ends, etc:

  • CM SDK– CM Software Development Kit, a Java API.
  • C2X REST API- RESTful API for V2X certificate enrolmentenrollment.
  • CM WS– SOAP Web Services

For more information, see Certificate Manager interfaces.

This article is valid for Certificate Manager 8.1 and later.

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