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composedTitleDeploy Digital Access component

Overview of topics on how to deploy and upgrade Digital Access component, the software-based authentication and federation product used to enable secure access to digital services.

This article describes the different ways to deploy and upgrade Smart ID Digital Access component.


complete Smart ID solution on Docker 

Digital Access using docker compose 

For aligned deployment of your whole Smart ID solution including Digital Access, see Deploy Smart ID

Deploy Digital Access using

Docker Swarm

docker swarm

For deployment of Digital Access in a docker environment only, see Deploy Digital Access component on Docker 

Deploy Digital Access in a virtual appliance system

For a Digital Access in a virtual appliance system, the following different deployment options are available: 

Even if Digital Access component is available as Docker images, it can still be deployed as virtual appliance. The big difference to older version is, that the virtual appliance will be used as the Docker host that runs the Docker containers of the Digital Access component services inside it.

Once the virtual appliance is deployed, upgrades will only apply to the Docker containers inside but not the appliance itself. This has the advantage that changes made inside the appliance will remain, even after an upgrade of Digital Access component. 

For instructions, see Deploy Digital Access component as virtual appliance.

Minimum requirements before logon

After deployment and initial configuration, these are the minimum requirements before a user can log on to Smart ID Digital Access component:

This article is valid for Smart ID 21.04 and later and Digital Access 6.0.5 and later.

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