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Order your customized access cards, photo ID cards and key fobs, ready-to-use from Nexus GO Cards order portal. Cards and key fobs are delivered correctly coded and in line with the security levels which apply in the organization. The system manages multiple sets of serial numbers and ensures that each product gets a unique number. You can also order a range of accessories in the order portal.

How to get started

For more information, see Get started with Nexus GO Cards



Nexus GO Cards

Onboarding of companies and products. See Get started with Nexus GO Cards.

Order your cards, key fobs and accessories in Nexus GO Cards order portal.

See also Order cards or key fobs in Nexus GO Cards order portal.

Guidance on how to increase the security of your ID cards. See Increased security for ID cards

Master accounts for managing multiple client accounts.

Approval steps can be used in the ordering process.

Customized reports for card data, chip number, serial number, invoicing data, and so on.

Notification when period of validity is near expiry.

Automatic processing of serial number.

Efficient PIN management.

Roles for delegated administration.

Prioritized delivery for certain orders.

Multiple options for managing photos, see Order cards or key fobs in Nexus GO Cards order portal.

Language support: Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, English, German, French, and Portuguese.

System Integration

Integrate with order management systems via API

Possibility to integrate with various order management systems via Card ordering API

Import users from excel file

When a large number of users are to be added to the system at the same time, a manual import via an excel file and a separate file with photos can be arranged. This allows for a large number of users to be added quickly.

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Nexus GO Cards News

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