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This article describes the updates in the Smart ID configuration files for the Smart ID 21.04 release


Smart ID 21.04



Identity Management- Optional Password and PIN Letter

New configuration options to send the password information by mail or Pin letter.

For more information, see:


Improved complexity of password generation in IDM

In the following processes and forms we improved the complexity of password generation. 

Enter person data manually (BaseProcCreateActivateEmployee)

Reset forgotten password (BaseProcUSSPForgetPassword)

We added a regular expressions to the forms were the user can enter a new password, to require complexity:

Due to the deletion of the service task ${generateAndArchivePasswordAccordingPasswordPolicyTask}, we updated the affected processes with the service task ${generateAndArchivePasswordWithMaxLengthAndAllowedCharactersTask} in the following processes:

  • BaseProcCreateOperator
  • PcmProcActivatePMProfile.xml
  • PcmProcRenewMobileId.xml
  • PcmProcRenewVirtualSmartcard.xml
  • PcmProcUSSPRenewEmployeeCard.xml
  • PcmProcProvisioningCertificateToVSC.bpmn
  • PcmProcReplaceVSC.bpmn
  • BaseProcCreateActivateEmployee.xml