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This article describes how to upgrade the Smart ID Digital Access component from version 6.0.5 and above to higher versions for single node appliance as well high availability or distributed setup.

titleDownload latest updated scripts

Make sure you download the upgrade.tgz file again in case you have downloaded it before 18th August 2021 to get the latest updated scripts.


Prerequisites and Preparations

titlePrerequisites and Preparations
  1. Make sure that the docker-compose folder is the present under /opt/nexus with current tags in versiontag.yml , else copy the folder from upgrade/docker-compose to  /opt/nexus/.  Also delete the upgrade folder before unzip of new scripts.

  2. Copy upgrade.tgz to the manager node (node where administration service is running) and all worker (other) nodes. In this setup we will set and consider administration-service node as the manager node.

    Extract the tar file.

    Code Block
    tar -xzf upgrade.tgz

  3. Pull images before setup.
    1. Verify the Digital Access tag in versiontag.yml (<path to upgrade folder>/docker-compose/versiontag.yml) file. Same tag will be installed as part of upgrade.
    2. Although upgrade script pulls the images from repository, it is recommended to pull the images before running the upgrade, this will reduce the script run time and also the downtime of system.

    3. Run the script to pull images on all nodes. (In case of offline upgrade, copy the images to machine and load.)

      Code Block
      titlePull images
      sudo bash upgrade/scripts/

  4. Make sure there is a backup/snapshot of the machine before starting upgrade.

Step-by-step instruction

Upgrade system

titleRun upgrade script

To upgrade the system, run the upgrade script on the manager node (the node on which the administration service runs):

  1. Run the upgrade script with this command line option:

    Code Block
    titleRun upgrade script
    sudo bash upgrade/scripts/ --manager


    The script will delete previous Digital Access docker images from the manager node only. Currently, there is no way to delete docker images across all nodes in a docker swarm cluster. It is recommended that you delete previous/unused Digital Access docker images from the worker nodes manually.

  2. To start the services manually, in case services fails to start automatically after upgrade, use the script on the manager node:

    Code Block
    titleDeploy DA stack
    sudo bash upgrade/scripts/

Do final steps

titlePost upgrade steps
  1. Log in to Digital Access Admin and publish the configurations.

  2. If there is any host entry for DNS on appliance, then provide an additional host entry for the same in the docker-compose file.
  3. If you want to enable XPI and SOAP services then in admin expose port IP should be
  4. Run the script on the manager node.

    Code Block
    titleDeploy DA stack
    sudo bash upgrade/scripts/

This article is valid for upgrades from Digital Access 6.0.5 or above to higher versions.