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This article describes the available visual security features that can be used in Nexus GO Cards.


titleSecurity foil

Security foil is a security feature that is easy to recognize and suitable for product authentication. It enables flexible designs by combining various metallic effects with color shifts and dynamic motives. The security foil can be combined with all the other security features.

If your design covers the whole card, the security foil will also be colored, but still have the holographic effect.


If you are going to use instant issuing, the cards must be prepared with the security foil before printing.


Microtext generally appears as a solid line. This feature is frequently used on highly secure ID cards. Microtext requires a 600DPI printer. This is a standard process that is done in one print.

titleUltra Violet (UV) print

The UV print is not detectable to the naked eye, but is only visible when using an a UV light source. It can contain photos, logos, text or symbols.

titleCustomized laminate ("Meta laminate")

The laminate protects the card from daily wear and increases the lifetime of the card. It appears as relief patterns on the cards, containing your logo.

titleGeneric holographic film

The generic holographic film is an extra film, thinner than the laminate, and used for extra protection of the card, and to add a holographic effect on the card. There is no real security added, only the looks.

titleGeneric holographic laminate

The generic holographic laminate is a standard thickness laminate with a non-unique holographic motive. It is provided by the manufacturer of the printer supplier. There is no real security added, only the looks.

titleCustomized holographic laminate

The customized holographic laminate is unique, created with your own logo with a holographic feel. This laminate is delivered from the same manufacturer that the chosen printer brand.