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This article describes how to update Smart ID Certificate Manager from 8.4.x to 8.5.0. For description of other upgrade paths, see Upgrade Certificate Manager.




Smart ID Certificate Manager 8.4.x is installed.

Step-by-step instruction


titleFiles used for the upgrade

Use the files in the folder <Upgrade/Upgrade from CM 8.4.x to 8.5.0>

titleUpgrade database

Database scripts for MariaDB, MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle are included in the delivery of Certificate Manager.

  1. To upgrade the CMDB (Certificate Manager Database), run the appropriate script in the table: 













  2. Verify that no errors occurred.

titleUpgrade Certificate Manager services

The Certificate Manager server components are installed and run as services. The following steps must be performed at the server(s) that runs any of the Nexus CF, Nexus CIS or Nexus SNMP services.

  1. Make a backup copy of these folders before applying any changes:

    1. <cm-server-home>/config

    2. <cm-server-home>/lib

    3. <cm-server-home>/bin

    4. <cm-server-home>/deliverynotes
  2. Stop the Nexus CIS, CF and SNMP services, read more here Start Certificate Manager server components.
  3. Do the configuration changes in <cm-server-home>/config/ described in the respective files under the <server> folder.


    Depending on which 8.4.x version you are currently on, some of the changes may already have been performed as part of an earlier upgrade.

  4. On the servers running the Nexus CF, Nexus CIS or Nexus SNMP service, remove all jar files in the <cm-server-home>/lib folder.
  5. Copy all jar files in Upgrade files CM 8.5.0/server/lib to <cm-server-home>/lib.
  6. Replace all files in <cm-server-home>/tools with the new ones in Upgrade files CM 8.5.0/server/tools.
  7. Copy all files in Upgrade files CM 8.5.0/server/bin to <cm-server-home>/bin, replacing the old ones.
  8. Copy all files in Upgrade files CM 8.5.0/server/deliverynotes to <cm-server-home>/deliverynotes, replacing the old ones.
  9. Only for upgrades coming from earlier that 8.1.x:

    titleOnly for upgrades coming from earlier than 8.1.x

    Remember to run any steps that may have been postponed in earlier steps, such as those required for "copycacerts" when upgrading from CM 7.17.x or those in changes-format.txt when upgrading from CM 8.0.x.

  10. Start the Nexus CIS, CF and SNMP services.

titleUpgrade Certificate Manager clients
  1. Shut down all the Certificate Manager clients.

  2. Make sure Java SE 11 is installed and set as default Java on the system. Certificate Manager clients can be run on both 32-bit and 64-bit JDKs with the following limitations:

    1. Linux:
      64-bit Java is required in order to use clients with Personal.

    2. Windows:
      After the upgrade, if a javaw.exe binary exists under the C:\Windows\SysWOW64 folder, clients will continue to run on 32-bit Java even if default JDK is 64-bit. Remove this binary (and javaws.exe, java.exe) in order to run the clients on 64-bit Java.

  3. Backup the <cm-client-home>/config folder.

  4. Uninstall the Certificate Manager clients, see Uninstall Certificate Manager server components and clients

  5. Remove any remaining hotfix jar files in the <cm-client-home>/lib folder.

    1. On Linux, if there is a <cm-client-home>/P11 folder, backup any config file with customizations to Personal Desktop Client and then delete the folder.

  6. Install the new version of the clients, included in the delivery of Certificate Manager.

  7. Apply any customizations to the new configuration files in the <cm-client-home>/config folder.

titleUpgrade Certificate Manager Protocol Gateway
  1. Upgrade CM Protocol Gateway. See Upgrade Protocol Gateway.

titleUpgrade Certificate Manager SDK
  1. Shut down all applications that are using the CM SDK except for CMWS and PGW.

  2. Backup the library folder of the CM SDK application.

  3. Remove the CM hotfix jar files in the library folder of the CM SDK application folder that adhere to the following patterns:

    • a-*.jar

    • aa*.jar

  4. Replace the jar files in the library folder of the CM SDK application with the supplied files in Upgrade files CM 8.5.0/sdk/lib.

titleNext step

Continue to upgrade Certificate Manager from 8.5.x to 8.6.1.