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Version: 4.29.2

Release Date: 2018-06-26


Nexus is proud to announce the availability of Nexus Personal Desktop 4.29.2. This release consist of general improvements and bug fixes.

Corrected bugs

JIRA ticket noDescription


An issue that caused the PSS signature creation using StarCOS 3.4 cards to fail has been fixed.

PER-3677, 3511, 3705

Personal components had incomplete German translation. This has been fixed.


Many KGS profiles keep public keys in CDF. Personal PKCS#11 will now check there when constructing PKCS#15 profile.


New readers are now automatically detected when plugged in as the first readers at the system.


Occasional Plugout crash on Ubuntu 18.04 has been fixed.


Personal would sometimes fail to perform requested card operation on Linux. This has been fixed.


It is now possible to pass some PINs as parameters and getting the missing ones from pinpad for some PKCS#11 function, for example, C_SetPIN().


When updating from an older Personal version, plugins library is part of the installation again.


PersonalInstall path was missing in the registry. This has been fixed.


Personal now works better on more pinpad readers, for example, ACR83.


Personal now works better for Windows users with non-ASCII characters in their user names.


Contact Information

For information regarding support, training and other services in your area, please visit our website at


Nexus offers maintenance and support services for Nexus Personal Desktop to customers and partners. For more information, please refer to the Nexus Technical Support at, or contact your local sales representative.