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Nexus Push Service is used to send notifications to mobile apps that there are pending user requests such as sign and authenticate.

Setup examples

  • Nexus Personal Mobile with Nexus on-premises service, for example Nexus Hybrid Access Gateway, uses Nexus Push Service, hosted by Azure, for notifications. An API token is received with the license details and needs to be configured in the calling system. 
  • A third-party application, based on the Nexus Personal Mobile SDK, can be set up in either of the following ways: 
    • Let Nexus host the Nexus Push Service and upload an app push notification certificate and a Google firebase API token to Nexus.
    • Host Nexus Push Service on-premises. 

Push notifications are sent to the app and not to the Nexus Personal Mobile SDK, therefore SDK-based third-party apps needs to integrate with the Nexus Push Service.