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This article describes planned features and improvements in Nexus Certificate Manager.

Latest release

For news and release notes, see Certificate Manager news.

In progress


Coming features


Common Criteria EAL 4+ certification

Update evaluation and certification of the product.

In progressCertificate Manager

Support for ACME protocol

Enable issuing certificates using the ACME protocol.

In progressCertificate Manager

DNS Certificate Authority Authorization (CAA)

Verify against domain name server (DNS) if the certificate authority (CA) is allowed to issue certificates with that domain name.

In progressCertificate Manager

Web client for Registration Authority

Add web interfaces for Registration Authority (RA) operations. Support for Nexus Personal Mobile for officer login and for signing of requests.

PlannedCertificate Manager

Personal Mobile officers used with the CM REST API

Allow logging in to web clients which are based on the Rest API.

PlannedCertificate Manager

Approval functionality

Use Nexus Personal for approvals during certificate issuance process.

PlannedCertificate Manager

Simplified upgrade process

Continuously work on simplifying the upgrade process.

PlannedCertificate Manager


Add automated processes for configuration, deployment and scalability.

PlannedCertificate Manager

Research projects

Exploit the results from ongoing research projects, for example new standards or new features.

PlannedCertificate Manager

Support for additional protocols

Continuously add support for relevant protocols and standards.

PlannedCertificate Manager

Enable for Amazon, Azure and other hosting environments

Create ready-to-go templates when deploying with cloud service providers such as Amazon, Azure, or in customer's own hosting environment.

PlannedCertificate Manager

Nexus reserves the right to change the roadmap due to recent requests. 


If you want to know more about our roadmaps and plans for the future, do not hesitate to contact us