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Nexus PRIME is a product used for centralized identity and credential management. PRIME enables a consistent credential management process to ensure transparency and traceability in enabling identities for employees, student, and systems.

PRIME offers business process capabilities for identity issuance to increase the level of assurance. PRIME consists of administration tools, self-service, and delegated approval routines and is powered by entitlement into the IT and physical access environment.

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See the Nexus Smart ID pages for more information on predefined use cases in the packaged Smart ID solutions for Physical IDDigital ID, and Physical access

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For PRIME 3.12.4:

Server-side card operations and self-service card encoding processes can fail with a null-pointer exception in the PRIME log, especially on a fresh installation.

For instructions on how to avoid this, see Limitations for PRIME.


Nexus PRIME 3.12.4 has been released today. For more information, see the release note.


Nexus PRIME 3.10.13 has been released today. For more information, see the release note

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