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Nexus Personal includes server and client software for authentication and signing in web applications, cloud services, and desktop smart card environments.

The following components are included: Nexus Personal Desktop App, Nexus Personal Desktop Client, Nexus Personal Mobile, Nexus Personal Mobile SDK, and Nexus Personal Messaging that includes Hermod and Nexus Push Service

Overview of the Nexus Personal components

For more information, see the following links: 

Nexus Personal Mobile

Nexus Personal Mobile combines online two-factor authentication (2FA) using push notifications and offline one-time password (OTP) authentication in a single mobile app. 

For videos on how to download, activate, and log in with Personal Mobile, see here.

Nexus Personal Desktop Client

Nexus Personal Desktop Client is a smart card middleware integrating smart cards and security tokens and provides your users with intuitive two-factor authentication (2FA), digital signing, email encryption etc.

Nexus Personal Desktop App

With Nexus Personal Desktop App, you can provision, manage and use virtual smart cards or other tokens, such as Yubikey, for authentication to external resources, protection of data by secure encryption, integrity through reliable signing and other Windows-related use cases. 

Nexus Personal Mobile SDK

Nexus Personal Mobile SDK allows customers to integrate two-factor authentication (2FA) and signing in their own apps. The Nexus Personal Mobile app is fully based on Nexus Personal Mobile SDK.

Nexus Personal Messaging

Nexus Personal Messaging includes Hermod for authentication and signing and Nexus Push Service for managing push notifications to mobile apps.