This article describes the available card types, layouts, and RFID technologies for Smart ID Digital ID

Card types

The following card types are included in the Digital ID module:

Card layouts

Nexus provides card layout templates for the standard card types. As part of the implementation project for the Digital ID module, Nexus consultants or partners do the following customizations of the layouts:

  • insert customer's logotype
  • change colors
  • change text fields
  • select orientation (landscape or portrait)

The following standard card layout templates are used.

In English:

In Swedish:

PKI chip

The following PKI chip technology is supported in the Nexus Smart ID solution:

  • ATOS CardOS 5.0 or 5.3
  • Nexus standard profile for PKCS#15 (ISO7816-15)

The PKI chip can include for example the following certificates:

  • one certificate for authentication
  • one certificate for signing
  • one certificate for encryption
  • optionally additional authentication certificates for IT administration access.