These upgrade steps are used when upgrading Certificate Manager, see Upgrade Certificate Manager for the complete instruction.

Use the files in the folder <8.4.0/Upgrade/Upgrade from CM 7.18.x to 8.0.0>.

Database scripts for MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle are included in the delivery of Certificate Manager.

Support for the Oracle database version 11g has been removed in this version of Certificate Manager due to EOL. If you use Oracle 11g, you must upgrade before you proceed with the steps below.

  1. To upgrade the CMDB (Certificate Manager Database), run the appropriate script in the MSSQL Server Management Studio, MySQL client, Oracle SQLPlus or PostgreSQL client:











  2. Verify that no errors occurred.

The Certificate Manager server components are installed and run as services. Do the following steps at the server(s) that runs any of the Nexus CF, Nexus CIS or Nexus SNMP services.

  1. Make a backup copy of these folders before applying any changes:

    1. <cm-server-home>/config

    2. <cm-server-home>/lib

  2. Stop the Nexus CIS, CF and SNMP services, read more here Start Certificate Manager server components.

  3. On the server(s) running the Nexus CF, Nexus CIS or Nexus SNMP services:

    1. Do the configuration changes in <cm-server-home>/config/ described in the respective files under the <server> folder.

    2. Remove the following files from <cm-server-home>/config:
      1. requestformats/httpclient.conf
      2. http.conf
  4. The suggested default log levels for CM-SNMP has been reduced from FINEST to INFO. If you use CM-SNMP and want to change to the new default values, change this in the file <cm-server-home>/config/
  5. The following deprecated modifiers have been replaced or removed. If you use customized format files, make sure that none of the deprecated modifiers are used.
    1. These deprecated modifiers have been replaced:
      • SubjectKeyIdAdder > SubjectKeyIdentifierModifier
      • ScepUniqueness > RenewalAllowed
      • AltNameModifier > SubjectAltNameModifier
    2. These deprecated modifiers have been removed:
      • CheckCertWithSubject
      • CisFailoverModifier
      • DynamicValidity
      • InputStringBoundChecker
      • MonetaryLimitAttributeModifier
      • PublicKeyHash
      • RelativeValidity
      • ScepUniqueness
      • SubjectIdentifierSs
  6. CM 8.x requires an updated license file in order to start. License files issued for CM 7.x cannot be used for CM 8.x. Place the updated license file in the directory <cm-server-home>/license/.

  1. The directory containing user-specific settings has moved. These settings include the list of favorite CM servers, the trust store for the server TLS certificates, selected columns in various GUI elements, and other client-specific settings.
    To keep the settings from a previous client installation, move the following directories to the new location:
    1. On Windows:
      • Previously : %USERPROFILE%\CertificateManager
      • New location: %APPDATA%\Nexus\CertificateManager
    2. On Linux:
      • Previously : ~/CertificateManager
      • New location: ~/.config/certificatemanager

Many deprecated methods have been removed from the CM SDK. See changes-cmsdk.txt in the <8.4.0/Upgrade/Upgrade from CM 7.18.x to 8.0.0/client> folder.

Continue to upgrade Certificate Manager from 8.0.x to 8.1.0.