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Configure Log4j2 for Identity Manager

This article is valid for Smart ID 21.04 and later.

This article describes how to configure Log4j2 for Smart ID Identity Manager.


In this article, <SMARTIDHOME> refers to /home/nexus, but this can be different depending on the setup.


The logging of Identity Manager uses log4j2, you can configure it with <SMARTIDHOME>/docker/compose/identitymanager/config/log4j2.xml, this will effect Identity Manager Operator, Admin and Tenant

See log4j2 documentation:

JSON template

You can enable the json template in the <SMARTIDHOME>/docker/compose/identitymanager/config/log4j2.xml by switching from the PatternLayout to JsonTemplateLayout.

You can then modify the json template in <SMARTIDHOME>/docker/compose/identitymanager/config/log4j2JsonLayout.json. This will effect Identity Manager Operator, Admin, and Tenant.

See log4j2 json template documentation:

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