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Critical issue: User Certificate authentication method in Digital Access


A critical issue has been detected in case of User certificate authentication in Digital Access.

This is important for all partners and customers that are using the User Certificate authentication method.

Smart ID Mobile App and Smart ID Desktop App (Personal) authentication methods are not impacted by this issue.

The fix has now been released for all the supported Digital Access versions.

Steps to patch the Digital Access version you are on:

  1. Change the image tag in versiontag.yml as per the table below only for the access point image. You can, for example, use nano as editor. The version tag is located here: /opt/nexus/docker-compose/versiontag.yml

  2. Execute the following commands to redeploy the stack. Note that this will stop services and system access for 1-2 minutes while the stack is being redeployed:
    docker stack rm da
    bash /opt/nexus/scripts/

  3. To verify that the change has been successful please issue the following command:
    docker stack ps da

    This will display a number of lines (one for each service), and the column ERROR should be empty if everything is working. If there are any errors in this column, there is probably a typo in versiontag.yml or the image was not properly downloaded.

The tags that are bundled together do not have access point-related changes and can be combined to a single latest version.

For example:
For Digital Access 6.3.2, 6.3.3 and 6.3.4 there is no change in access point compared to the previous version release. Therefore customers on these tags need to patch to tag for access point.


Access point version tag

DA 6.5.1

DA 6.5.0

DA 6.4.0

DA 6.3.2, DA 6.3.3, DA 6.3.4

DA 6.3.1

DA 6.3.0

DA 6.2.4

DA 6.2.0, DA 6.2.1, DA 6.2.2, DA 6.2.3

For information about supported versions, see Supported versions of Digital Access component.

Contact Nexus support for more details.

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