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Get started with Nexus GO IoT

This article describes how to start testing the Nexus GO IoT. 

Order a test version of Nexus GO IoT

Setting up your IoT application and devices for managing and using PKI certificates demands careful planning and implementation work. During this period, you can use the Nexus GO IoT test service to be able to test and verify your IoT application.  

To order and start testing with Nexus GO IoT:

  1. Register to Nexus GO on
  2. Log in to Nexus GO.
  3. Click Services > Nexus GO Identities and then Get started
  4. On the CA page, enter the following details to create a CA:
  1. Enter an Environment name. This name will be used to designate a tenant service instance within Nexus GO IoT. 
  2. In Common Name, enter your preferred and unique name for the certificate authority (CA). In the test version, the Common Name will end with _test
  3. Enter Organization nameCountry, and Organization unit
  4. Click Next
  • On the Protocol page, select the enrollment protocol that the devices will use to order certificates, for example EST. Click Next
  • On the Files page, in External CA certificate, upload the factory CA certificate in *.crt or *.cer format. Click Next.

  • Read and accept the Terms
  • Verify the configuration and then click Submit
    The request is now submitted. Nexus will verify the details, contact you if needed, and then set up your CA service in Nexus GO IoT. 
  • When the setup is completed, you will be notified by email and provided with an enrollment URL, that the devices will need to request certificates.  

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