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Get started with Nexus GO Signing

Order Nexus GO Signing

  1. Sign up and log in to Nexus GO.

  2. Click Services > Signing > PDF Signing

  3. On the Add signing method page, PDF Signing is now marked. Click NEXT.

  4. Enter a Name and click NEXT. Read and Accept the terms. Click SUBMIT to confirm the method. 
    An administrator account is now created, and you can try out the service by uploading and signing documents in the Nexus GO Signing Portal.

  5. When you are happy with the testing and want to buy the service for unlimited number of documents, you can upgrade to a Business subscription: 
    In Services > Signing, select the added Signing service, click Manage subscriptions, and enter your Invoice address. You will be contacted by Nexus with a confirmation. 

The signing service is now ready to use in your production environment.

Set up Signing API

If you want to integrate signing operations into your own applications, you can use the Signing API.

For more information on how to configure it, see Set up PDF Signing API in Nexus GO.  


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