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Identity Manager release note 22.10.6

Version: 22.10.6

Release date: 2023-09-04


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In case of an error in Card production there can be certificates already requested. The following options have been added:

  • an option to create card relations even if the certificate could not be written.
  • an option to return a list of references to the created certificates

For more information, see Certificates requested using card production or operation tasks.


Smart ID Self-Service now displays the menu items in the browser tabs to make it easier to differentiate when you have multiple Smart ID Self-Service tabs open at the same time.



In encoding descriptions, you can now use different labels for Private-/Public Keys and a label Template.

It is also possible to provide the index of a certificate through the label template.

For more information, see:


Updated spring-security-config to version 5.3.29 to mitigate CVE-2023-34034.

Corrected bugs 

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There was an issue in Smart ID Self-Service where read-only fields were not visible when a form contained two search buttons with different mappings. This has been fixed.


In Smart ID 22.10.5 and 23.04.3, it was introduced that all authentication methods had to be configured explicitly, when restricting roles via the authentication context in SAML-login. This has been turned back to the previous behavior: The role is not restricted if no authentication method is configured for it.


The security for the Smart ID Agent REST endpoints has been improved.

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