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Identity Manager release note 22.10.8

Version: 22.10.8

Release date: 2023-11-27


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The D-Trust Certificate Service Manager API was based on SOAP but is now in the process of being replaced by a RESTful API. Smart ID Identity Manager now offers the option to use both, enabling customers to switch from one to the other.

For more information, see Integrate Identity Manager with D-Trust connector.


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 There was an issue when searching in a datapool with type "Internal Table" and resource "Device History Entries", and an error message was displayed. This has been fixed.  

CRED-16198In Smart ID releases 23.04.3/22.10.5 the fix for CRED-15440 intended to be restrictive on open tasks, and not show open tasks to a user who was not logged in with the authentication profile required to process the task. However, this led to multiple side effects so this has been rolled back.
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