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Identity Manager release note 23.04.9

Release date: 2023-11-03


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Added support for JCOP4 cards using Idopte middleware for the following use cases: 

  • Find out card type
  • Activate card and set PIN
  • Deactivate card
  • Unblock PIN
  • Change PIN
  • Write EF.ID and EF.FUNCTION to card
  • Write certificates to card
  • Perform certificate requests (PKCS#10)
  • Perform certificate archival and recovery

See Encoding using Idopte middleware in Identity Manager (and sub-pages) for more information. 


For Card-operations, PIN pad readers are now automatically detected. If a PIN pad is identified all PIN entries are made on the PIN pad. See Card initialization and credentials in Identity Manager for more information. 

Corrected bugs 

Jira ticket noDescription
CRED-16198In 23.04.3 the fix CRED-15440 intended to be more restrictive on open tasks and not show open tasks to a user if he was not logged in with the authentication profile required to process the task. However, this led to multiple side effects so this has been rolled back.

With 23.04 the behavior of role assignment was changed by having IDs instead of names to enable renamed roles in the "Assign Roles automatically" task. However, this lead to problems when the configuration was exported/imported so the change has been reverted. 

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